The SIS Kata: Where Solitude meets Luxury

The SIS Kata: Where Solitude meets Luxury

The past few weeks had been somewhat toxic for me; and so, I thought, perhaps a quick beach getaway would grant me some much-deserved relaxation and peace of mind. However, since it has been raining almost everywhere in the country lately, I decided to chase the elusive sunshine somewhere in Phuket, Thailand – a familiar destination that is closer to home, and with a relative semblance to the colors and vibe of the Philippines.

First-time vacation-goers in Phuket would normally book their hotel accommodations within the vicinity of Patong Beach, where all the fun and action usually happen. But, since it’s my third time in Phuket and I wanted to try something out of the ordinary, I opted to stay in Kata, which is just a brief 15 to 20-minute drive away from Patong.

Kata boasts of its famous golden beach sands, peaceful ambiance and spotless blue waters. And despite it being rather small and low-key compared to the adjacent Patong, this tranquil and modest town is home to Phuket’s luxurious hotel, The SIS Kata.

The SIS Kata is the newest of the three high-end properties in Phuket under the Aksara Collection, which is owned by a local family of hoteliers. It takes pride of its elegant Infinity Pool, which faces the Andaman Sea, where the sun sets during the golden hour.

Call me lucky, but, I cannot be any more grateful that SIS Kata arranged my accommodation and booked me in their finest ‘Suite Seaview with Bathtub’. It is a 68 sqm. suite that has a classy living room, a lush king-size bed, a huge balcony with its own day bed and jacuzzi big enough for 4 persons, and an unobstructed view of the infinity pool and the Andaman Sea. The overall atmosphere of the suite makes it a perfect haven for couples and honeymooners. Unfortunately, I wasn’t with a special someone… huhuhu…

But, I wasn’t alone during the trip though. I was accompanied by my photographer/videographer friend, Jorel Valmores, who took all the great photos and made the video teasers of my trip. And because it was Jorel’s first time in Phuket, I showed him around and even rented a motorcycle bike for easy transportation. We also took a brisk walk by the beach to present him the highlights of Phuket, while taking pictures and videos on the side.

With relaxation as my mantra, I made sure that my 3-day stay in Kata had no hectic and nerve-wrecking itinerary in place. I spent most of my time swimming by the pool, chilling by the balcony over wine and cheese while waiting for the sunset, and, of course, doing my usual workout routines. Luckily, not only do they have a facility that is open 24/7, they also have pretty much every gym equipment that I needed. But I was made even more blessed as Reebok Philippines provided me with all the stylish and comfy workout clothes and apparels that I wore during my trip. Thanks, Reebok Philippines!

I would highly recommend SIS Kata to all my relatives, friends, and avid readers because of the amazing experience I had during my 3-day stay. If not for SIS Kata, I would have not been able to tick the box of my ultimate purpose in Phuket – and that is to simply relax and unwind. They have everything that any guest, seeking for serenity and pure bliss, could ever ask for. Facilities that are nothing less than top-of-the-line… Check! Accommodation and service that are highly commendable… Check! Incredible view and feel of Phuket’s remarkable beauty… Check!

To aspiring travelers and soul-searchers alike, I hope you would take my word for it. When you think “Phuket”, think “SIS Kata”!

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  1. Marie Mendoza
    August 8, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    Great video, photos and good blogging!

    Your travels are just inspiring and very detailed –a must read to any one who wants to travel. Not alone are the places inspiring but your lifestyle and your achievements as well, to be in those places is just amazing. Your blog is just the right place to scout a good location for a perfect vacation. It does not only showcase leisure but a balance of lifestyle. Looking forward to see more videos and hopefully some travel tips on your next blog.

    P.S. I have traveled to Phuket once and crossed it out on my bucket list, seeing your video wants me to go back and see Phuket in a totally different view.

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