I have been traveling for years and have gone to so many beautiful places around the world. But, immediately after my recent out of the country trip, I realized how much of our country I haven’t explored yet. And since it is a known fact to Filipinos and foreigners alike that when it comes to almost anything, #itsmorefuninthephilippines, I have decided to dedicate my next escapades in promoting my beloved country, the Philippines. And so for my first stop, I went to South Cebu!

I have been to Cebu before, but my favorite, and the part of it that is very close to my heart, would have to be its south region, where the towns of Moalboal, Badian, and Samboan are located, as well as the town of Oslob.

For this South Cebu adventure, we particularly set our eyes and foot on Sumilon, an island in the town of Oslob. One would need to take a 10-minute boat ride to reach Sumilon, a small, government-owned island. This island is leased by the Local Government to Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, the lone resort in the island, and by far, the most luxurious accommodation in the entire South Cebu region. As the environment protector of the island, Bluewater Sumilon ensures that the locale is spotless, and the marine life surrounding it remains untouched. They are very environment-friendly that they do not use plastic straws in their bars and restaurants. They also strongly adhere to proper waste disposal and proactively contributes to nature conservation.

As I mentioned earlier, Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is the most luxurious resort in South Cebu. It may be rated as a 3-star hotel; but everything about it, for me, is hands-down 5 stars! Their food, accommodation, facilities, services and all are absolutely first-class.

Upon arrival, we were courteously escorted to our villa, and I was outright amazed by how beautiful the place is – as in sobrang ganda! We were given the privilege to stay in the 1-bedroom Pagi Villa, which is normally for honeymooners. The villa has a cozy plunge pool perfect for taking fabulous Instagram shots. It has its own bathtub, a super king-size bed, a fancy TV area, and almost all amenities that any guest would need. Pagi Villa is more than just a comfy place to stay. It is, without a doubt, luxury-level for me. Our suite is gloriously placed on a cliff with the perfect view of the sea. The place is so spacious, it even has its own lounge area and a garden.

Staying in Bluewater Sumilon is an experience of a lifetime that you’ll not need to take long to get accustomed and attached to this paradise. I even have my top 3 favorite spots in Blue Water that I really love so much.

First is the very scenic Sumilon Sandbar. It is the part of Sumilon where the sun sets, and it is ideal for taking those amazing sunset shots by the beach. It is very clean with its powdery white sands, and one can really get in touch with nature by simply staring at the vast sea surrounding it. The sandbar is open to public, with daily boat services that can be availed for a certain day-tour fee. However, for visitors who are not booked in Bluewater Sumilon, the sandbar is only open between 9AM to 4PM. Luckily for us, we were able to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the sandbar to ourselves at our most convenient and most private time.

My next favorite part of the resort is its Infinity Pool, where we took several candid shots for my Instagram feed. The pool is strategically located with a splendid view of the sea. I really enjoyed dipping by the pool while feasting on the magnificent landscape. Nothing can be more relaxing than that! They have another pool, which was newly constructed, and it was, just like the Infinity Pool, astonishingly mesmerizing. 

And my #1 favorite feature of Bluewater Sumilon is their opulent Glamping Room; which is, not to exaggerate, the most unique and most wonderful feature of all. Their Glamping Rooms are fully-air conditioned and are similar to the lavish tents in South Africa. It is generously surrounded by plush nature, with teeming forest trees, flawlessly chalky white sands, and an unparalleled view of sunrise by the sea. Matter of fact, Bluewater Sumilon offers the most extravagant and most comfy glamp-life in the entire Philippines. They have the most iconic glamping area, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee while marveling at the adorable sunrise, or for taking those fabulous instagrammable shots.

More than just being the best Glamping Site in the country, they also offer the best services. During our entire stay, we were provided with our very own camp master, a special staff dedicated to assisting its guests. Our camp master prepared breakfast for us and even lit for us a bonfire when it started getting dark. The camp master made all the preparations for us and made sure that our stay was no less than terrific. And believe me, the experience was utterly surreal!

Bluewater Sumilon offers accommodation rates with inclusive breakfast, or one may opt to avail their full-board accommodation offerings. Their rates also include free boat transfers from the mainland of Oslob to the island of Sumilon. For rates, please visit More than that, Blue Water has a property in Mactan, Cebu, too! Bluewater Maribago is only a 15-minute drive from the airport. It is a huge family-friendly resort, with design and aesthetics much identical with Bluewater Sumilon, anyone can be assured of having a great time!

Aside from Sumilon, there are other must-go-to places in South Cebu that one should never miss to visit. And since we were already in the area, we made sure that we have ticked every prestigious destination that we can set foot on. And so, without further ado, here is a short list of things to do while in South Cebu.

Go Whale Shark Watching in Oslob. Whale Shark watching is one of the most infamous activities to do while in Cebu, and of course, we didn’t miss it for the show. However, I didn’t take pictures during this activity because I’m not a very huge fan of it. In Oslob, I have witnessed how the whale sharks – whose natural source of nourishment are plankton – were fed with shrimps to attract them and make the area touristy. Seeing locals and tourists do this made the encounter feel a bit zoo-ish for me. I strongly advocate preservation of the animals’ natural habitat, and I think that altering the whale sharks’ feeding pattern might someday put the wildlife in peril. I must admit that seeing the whale sharks really made my heart skip a beat, but if ever I would want to encounter them again, I’d rather see them in the likes of Leyte or Bicol, where they are not treated as circus attractions.

Visit the famous Kawasan Falls. Kawasan Falls is located in Badian, Cebu. It is the most iconic of the 3 famous waterfalls in South Cebu, and is also the most-visited. Many bloggers and famous influencers, like my idols in travel blogging @captainpotter, @doyoutravel, and @jackson.grove, have visited Kawasan Falls because of its picturesque, Gatorade Blue waters. People go there to have picnics, and with its booming commercial status, I have a feeling that it is probably the most crowded waterfalls in the Philippines. It is too crowded that you would need a huge amount of luck to take astonishing pictures. But if you want to enjoy Kawasan Falls at its best and at its most peaceful, you will need to wake up early! If you leave at 5:00 AM (badian/alegria) you’d probably get there by 6:30 AM. For sure, there are not much people in the area at that time, and you’re guaranteed to take great shots of the marvelous waterfalls without any hassles. And if you wake up early for this trip and take your workout routines seriously, there will be no need to edit-out any unwanted photobombers and/or flabs from your pictures.. hahaha…😝😝

Check out paradise in Dao Falls. Dao Falls is located in Samboan, and it is, for the record, my favorite waterfalls in Cebu. Not only because it is heavy with the wonders of nature, but also because it is not crowded. I really think that Dao Falls is very underrated, and yet truly captivating. To get there, you would need to take a guided 20-minute trek. Tour Guide services can be availed for free; but, of course, we’ll leave it up to your generosity on how much tip your would shell out for the fine assistance. Expect your jaws to drop on your way to the falls as you marvel at the wonderful works of the earth. The 20-minute, semi-canyoneering adventure is so worth it and is not very exhausting because majority of the path is well-shaded by trees. Reaching the falls is super relaxing on its own. With clean and cold blue waters, plush green surroundings and very peaceful vibe – not to mention that you might often find yourself alone with your group – you would surely feel like you own the place and you’re truly one with it. I strongly encourage people to visit Dao Falls to experience nature at its best, boost tourism in the area, and help the community that protects it.

Go Snorkeling in Moalboal. Moalboal is the snorkeling and diving capital of Cebu, and is very popular for having untouched coral reefs. Marine life in the area is so highly protected that one could get himself in serious trouble by merely touching them. Moalboal is also known for the Sardine Ruins where one can get lucky to take those magnificent underwater shots. The town also features a Turtle Watching Adventure, similar to those in Apo Island. Luckily for us, during our snorkeling venture, not only did we see turtles underwater, we saw large tortoises swimming in the depths of the sea, and they were so heartwarming to watch.

It was not my first time to visit Cebu, but I would have to say that this visit was the most memorable of all. It was more than just an ordinary swish local trip for me. We learned so much about nature, and we were able to really get in touch and connected to it. This adventure reawakened and ignited my advocacy to protect Mother Earth. South Cebu is but a small part of our beautiful country, but it already speaks of the many wonderful creations of God that we are yet to see. Let us all do our part to save our planet, let alone our country’s natural beauty.

I would definitely replace city life for a peaceful time in the islands. Stay tuned for my next adventures in the Philippines because after all, and as always, #itsmorefuninthephilippines.


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    • Mica madrigal
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    And now I already have a baby yet haven’t had our honeymoon yet hoping I’ll be chosen for this dreamy place. Thank you.

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  135. March 23, 2019 / 2:29 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Wow! Nakakamangha pala ang ganda ng CEBU. 😍 The place is depicted by your beautiful photos. SANA makapunta din ako dito. 🙏 I was imagining was it feels to go there especially in SUMILON ISLAND and also I want to experience staying at BLUEWATER SUMILON RESORT it looks above 5 STARS RESORT pang world class ang facilities and the accomodation. Thank you brader KRIS for this blog. 😂😍😍 Keep blogging brader! Looking forward for your next wonderful travel escapade…

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    As per reading the blog, I am now agreeing that the Bluewater Sumilon *NEEDS* to be rated 5 stars!!! Aside from its location is on a “paradise”, their facilities are impressive(did a small research). Also, kudos to them in preserving the place just the way it is. Would love to visit Bluewater Sumilon and experience the best Glamping place! #BestGlampingEver

    Truly that Philippines has so much to offer to not just visitors as well as the locals! #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines


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  146. Angelica
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    Great place to chill with someone special! I would definitely visit this paradise on summer. Thanks kris for sharing your experience. Can’t wait on your next travel destination!

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