About Me

KRIS is a FILIPINO ENTREPRENEUR and a hands-on BUSINESS OWNER in his early 30s, who started his career from humble beginnings. His journey in the BPO industry began at the age of 18; and after years of hard work, strong dedication and sincere passion for people, he now runs his own BPO company since 2016.

He is also a FITNESS ENTHUSIAST who has a passion for workout and active lifestyle. Although he follows a set diet plan, this happy eater’s plate can include any food in moderation; but, with the complete exception of rice, pork and softdrinks. He also works out at least 3 – 4 times a week to keep his posture well-maintained, his health in good condition, and – of course – his six-pack abs in perfect shape.

Kris is also a GLOBETROTTER with an undeniable love affair with travel and leisure, and a keen eye for both luxury and detail. To date, he has already visited 21 different countries from across the globe, with Switzerland and Cape Town, South Africa as among his favorites. He plans to step-foot on 30 more countries in the next few years, and goals on ticking soon on his bucketlist his dream destination, Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

More than just being a wellness advocate and a jetsetter, Kris is also a FAMILY-ORIENTED PERSON, and can also be a true-blood FUNNYBONE and a GOOD COMPANION. He loves going out and partying with his friends, but can pretty much socialize with almost anyone. He enjoys smart conversations and can discuss about any topic under the sun; but, he can also swiftly shift from witty to casual talks at any given time.

But, Kris is not all that. This healthbuff also has his set of weaknesses and cliches. And if there is anything in the world that he can never live without, it has to be coffee, chocolates or sweets.  His eyes also glare at the sight of Pinoy Kakanin or ricecakes; but, he will definitely give a shrug on mayonnaise, Ketchup, or anything that has the strong smell of vinegar.

But the most important fact about Kris is that he is a genuine WINE-LOVER. As a matter fact, he has his own rack, which is always full and never runs out, at his own crib. Although he prefers white wine more than red; you can always pour any on his glass, and he’ll gladly oblige and let the good times roll.

Kris is one WELL-ROUNDED PERSON that you will be very glad to know, and one GOOD and HUMBLE SOUL that you can be very proud to be friends with. Make his website one of your favorites. Hit the “star” button to get regular updates and tips on his daily fitness routines, his everyday activities and his amazing travel expeditions.